The Diamond Market – Why Your Diamonds Are More Precious Than Ever

Amid Economic Uncertainty, Many Investors Are Looking To Add Rare Diamonds And Precious Gemstones To Their Portfolios

Few things are more impressive than a rare, shimmering diamond. A valuable and labor-intensive gift from Mother Nature, Diamonds remain a hot investment as times continue to shift in 2020.

However according to a new report from, the pivot hasn’t negatively impacted sales on collectible jewelry – in fact, people are dropping more money than ever. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, collectors are still investing in rare gemstones to diversify their portfolio of investments.

The recent increase in demand can be attributed to a need for diversion and a desire for an investment vehicle. The value of an heirloom piece embodies generations of love and commitment, often making family history.

“It’s important to capture and carry on traditions”, explains Brenda, Owner of Private Jewelers, a family operated staple in Delray Beach, Florida. “Creating heirlooms and seeing the pleasure they bring to our clients is one of the most special parts of our job. With increasing desires for diamonds and precious gemstones, supply and demand are working in the investor’s favor and driving up prices. Our clients are finding collectible jewelry is bringing them fulfillment to wear, as well as an alternative asset to place their cash.”

“We are taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe in-store experience for our customers. When face-to-face interaction is limited, trust is even more important. We are ready and willing to serve our clients safely during this time.”

As an added security, you can have your pieces professionally appraised. Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and surrounding areas of Palm Beach, Private Jewelers offers extensive services for your jewelry needs. Private Jewelers’ GIA Certified gemologist specializes in the areas of estate jewelry, buying and evaluations, insurance replacements, and customized appraisal services. Preserving and protecting your pieces ensure they retain and gain value over time.


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